How to get Bitcoin For Free Every Day with Bitcoin Faucets

What are Bitcoin faucets

Getting Bitcoins For Free Without Mining

Did you know that you can get bitcoins for free every day? In 2010 Gavin Andresen created the first bitcoin faucet to promote new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. The first bitcoin faucet gave the opportunity to earn up to five bitcoins per day! Can you imagine how could be your life today with five bitcoins per day? 🙂 Therefore, let’s see the answer to the question: how to get bitcoins for free?


  1. How to earn bitcoins?
  2. Bitcoins for free every hour!
  3. Withdrawing Bitcoins to convert them in real money

How to earn bitcoins?

Actually there’re many bitcoin faucets and also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoinc and many others. Bitcoins faucets are the alternative for those who can’t invest to buy bitcoins miners and pay the electricity! Usually electricity cost destroys what you get from mining.

Bitcoins for free every hour!

Some example about how you can get bitcoins every day, several times during the day using faucets:

  • simply completing easy tasks like captcha completion
  • playing online games
  • responding to surveys
  • watching video
  • betting on future events like TV events, sport bettings, election results, future price of bitcoin and many other ways to earn bitcoins!

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Bitcoin is the first digital currency. However, bitcoin costs many dollars. Above all, the cost is increasing day by day. So, bitcoin faucets are the fastest way to get bitcoins for free every hour! You can easily earn bitcoins for free using faucets.

Withdrawing Bitcoins to convert them in real money

After you started using bitcoins faucets, you could finally choose to convert bitcoins in real money; easy! You just need bitcoin adress and exchange! The first step is to withdraw bitcoins from your faucet. Send bitcoins to your bitcoin adress used on bitcoin exchange platform. After that, you just need to convert bitcoins in your local currency. For instance, dollars, pounds or euro. Anyway, you can use your favorite exchange. As result, you got your money!

In conclusion, with bitcoin faucets, you get bitcoins for free every day, every hour. Then, you just convert bitcoin in your currency.