How to get Passive Income with Bitcoin

Can I use to generate passive income?

Do you want to stay under the beach umbrella with your favorite drink but you don’t know how? We have collected a couple of techniques to generate passive income using bitcoins. However, you may not spend the rest of your life under the beach umbrella. But, you will have concrete extra earnings every month.


  1. Things to know
  2. Generating passive income using bitcoins without investment
  3. Cool! But how much money can I get every day?
  4. Generating passive income with bitcoins for the price of a beer
  5. Conclusions

Things to know

Firstly, below is a list of posts to better understand what is explained in the next paragraphs.

Generating passive income using bitcoins without investment

Albeit was born to be a bitcoin faucet, it is also a bitcoin wallet and a bitcoin bank. That’s why if you don’t want to invest money to generate passive income, you can let it work for you. When you have a minimum of 0,0003 bitcoin in your balance, you automatically start earning interest on your balance. What you should do is just using for few minutes every day like described in Strategy to Start Earning Seriously.

Otherwise, if you already have at least 0,0003 BTC in a third party bitcoin wallet, don’t leave them there! Instead, send your bitcoins to your balance in So, you will automatically earn daily interest. If you don’t have a account, visit to sign up.

Cool! But how much money can I get every day? 🤔

Certainly, in terms of dollars, it depends on bitcoin’s price and how much bitcoins are in your account. Let’s see some examples starting from minimum balance of 0,0003BTC and using the annual interest rate used by (4.08%). Daily interest are calculated by at a random time everyday at 0.0109589% per day. It is rounded down to the nearest satoshi. balance 0,00030000 BTC

  • Daily interest: 0,00000003 BTC
  • Monthly interest: 0,00000098 BTC
  • Yearly interest: 0,00001224 BTC balance 0,00100000 BTC

  • Daily interest: 0,00000010 BTC
  • Monthly interest: 0,00000329 BTC
  • Yearly interest: 0,00004080 BTC balance 0,00500000 BTC

  • Daily interest: 0,00000005 BTC
  • Monthly interest: 0,00000164 BTC
  • Yearly interest: 0,00002040 BTC balance 0,01000000 BTC

  • Daily interest: 0,00000109 BTC
  • Monthly interest: 0,00003292 BTC
  • Yearly interest: 0,00040805 BTC balance 0,10000000 BTC

  • Daily interest: 0,00001095 BTC
  • Monthly interest: 0,00032928 BTC
  • Yearly interest: 0,00408050 BTC balance 1,00000000 BTC

  • Daily interest: 0,00010958 BTC
  • Monthly interest: 0,00329289 BTC
  • Yearly interest: 0,04080505 BTC

Most importantly, don’t forget to check the bitcoin price. Visit every day and remember how quick is each bitcoin price increase. To clarify, today Bitcoin is still the cryptocurrency whose value has always increased over time. Moreover famous financial TV channels and websites published articles and video regarding future price increase of bitcoin.

Generating passive income with bitcoins for the price of a beer 🍻

Nevertheless, don’t want to wait getting your bitcoins as decribed in the post Strategy to Start Earning Seriously? Buy 0,0003 bitcoin or more for the price of a beer. Obviously, if you don’t wait the next bitcoin price increase. Then, send your bitcoins to your account to earn passive income. So, be sure to sign up for, visit

To buy bitcoins you can use many websites. In case, our advice is Coinbase so you will be sure to use a serious and professional service. Furthermore, you can open your Coinbase account in few minutes visiting Afterward, you just need to know your bitcoin address of your account. To know it, when you are logged in, click the deposit button as shown in the picture below. Click to enlarge.

Click on Deposit button to know your destination bitcoin address.
Click on Deposit button to know your destination bitcoin address.

After that, copy your bitcoin address and paste it when Coinbase will ask you. Click to enlarge picture.

How to get your bitcoin address in
How to get your bitcoin address in

Surely, now you have what you need to receive bitcoins from coinbase. To conclude, if you use the website of Coinbase, below are the final steps to send bitcoins. Anyway, you can use also the Coinbase app for iOS or Android.

  1. Go to the Accounts link on the main navigation bar
  2. From you bitcoin wallet, click on Send button
  3. In the Amount field, add the amount of bitcoin you’d like to send. In order to generate passive income, don’t forget to send at least 0,0003 BTC.
  4. Click Continue
  5. Check and confirm the details of the transaction and complete the send.

Shortly, you receive your bitcoins in your balance and automatically you start earning your passive income! 👍


To sum up, you understood how to earn passive income using bitcoins. Without doubt, the fastest way to increase your passive income, is buying bitcoins in Coinbase. Then, sending them to your account.